Special Episode: COVID-19, the Impact, and the Fightback

Welcome to a special episode on COVID-19 where hosts Pedro and Markie discuss how the outbreak and resulting social crisis is effecting working class people’s lives and the way that people are fighting back.  This Episode was recorded on the last week of March.

If you are looking for resources on tenant organizing and how to organize a rent strike see our Recommended Rent Strike Resources.

Lifting the Mask of Capitalist Disaster: The Coronavirus Response

Coronavirus Stories: Crisis, Response, Resistance

Coronavirus Sparks Wave of Walkouts and Wildcats

Also, be sure to check out Quarantine Livestream!, a new series of live webinar panels hosted by Black Rose / Rosa Negra. The first session April 10th will be a panel of tenant organizers, the second will be April 11th featuring a panel of a half dozen anarchist-communist organization speaking to the impact of COVID-19.


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