Feminism Against Capitalism

Group participants in 8m strike with green abortion rights banner in background.

Celebrate International Women’s Day 2019 by listening to our first episode looking at building a working class and anti-capitalist feminist movement. Hosts Markie and Pedro dive into two examples of anti-capitalist feminism starting with the work of the Anti-Capitalist Feminist Coalition (ACFC) in Los Angeles with Markie speaking on her involvement and then interviewing Romina Green of Black Rose/Rosa Negra Los Angles on the origins and roots of ACFC. Next is an interview with Alondra Carrillo of Santiago, Chile who a spokesperson (vocera) for the March 8 Feminist General Strike Coordination and member of Solidaridad, a libertarian communist organization.

Photo of Alondra wearing a green bandanna, symbol of the abortion rights movement in Latin America.

Guest Alondra Carrillo, spokesperson for the 8m Coordination, and member of Solidaridad.

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Solidaridad (libertarian communist organization, Chile)

Coordinadora 8M, Twitter / Website (feminist strike coordinating body, Chile)

Feminism for the 99%, A Manifesto by Cinzia Arruzza, Tithi Bhattacharya, and Nancy Fraser

To learn more on the some of the concepts discussed we recommend reading: “A Feminist Movement To End Capitalism, Part I” by Bree Busk

A condensed version of the same article was published with ROAR Magazine as “Chile’s feminists inspire a new era of social struggle

A follow up piece published for International Women’s Day: “Chile’s feminist movement is here to stay

Watch for our upcoming episodes: anarchism socialism and the left in Puerto Rico and Mark Bray, the author of Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook, on anarchism, power, occupy and the state.


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Organizing flyer for March 8 feminist strike.